Ten Reasons “Why” you Should do Content Marketing

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If you want to get serious about marketing for your business or organisation the foundation of any focused effort is creating unique and inspiring content to publish and promote that educates, informs and entertains.

Content in fact should do much more than that if you are to succeed fast, far and large, at marketing your business and organisation.

The  ”ultimate marketing goal” is to make content or ” ideas” so contagious that they cannot be controlled.

This is “liquid content”

Ten Reasons “Why” you Should do Content Marketing To create online buzz and virality through “liquid content”. Content so contaigous that it cannot be controlled –  This is the purpose of content excellence If a personal brand then awesome content positions you as a passionate thought leader that makes a difference. If a business brand then insightful and positions your company as an expert in its field Improves search engine results – Google and search engines love new fresh content that is published and it creates “search engine credibility” when content is linked to by other websites and blogs Creates an online asset (“an information annuity that keeps giving” – Jay Baer) It educates, informs  and entertains It works 24/7 while you sleep, year in and year out Provides content that can be shared through publishing on “shareable” social media network channels. Creates loyal raving fans and followers that money cannot buy Creates engagement and builds relationships with customers and potential customers
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